Athletic Addition – Oxford, MS


UMISS concept sketch2_Part2-960

LOCATION: University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS
STATUS: Unrealized
CLIENT: University Mississippi Athletics Dept., Aramark Dining
COST: undisclosed
AREA: 5300 ft2 renovated; 3700 ft2 addition


The project involves renovating an existing footprint and expanding area into an adjacent courtyard and parking lot for seating 250 persons. A new athletic restaurant integrating elements that evoke thoughts of athletic legacy and technology, giving identity to the location and campus it serves. In doing, the contemporary destination offers a feature for recruiting with connectivity to the practice field, a robust and technologically integrated furnishing package, as well as high lofty spacious ceilings and expansive glazed facades.


The facade design draws from existing elements of the industrial warehouse toolkit. Corrugated panels for roof and wall cladding are joined into a singular wrapping skin treatment. A contemporary addition includes the expansive glazed curtain wall which terminates the North wing extension.

Looking onto each a practice field and entry court.


athletic addition concept catalogue

University Mississippi IPF Addition Concept Sketch Catalogue



Technology integration in furnishing:

The achievement seating acts as a living archive for students and the university to relive events from history. The legacy of Ole Miss athletics is captured and stored in a database as still images or highlight reels from milestone athletic events. Dining patrons access the event video/images for viewing instantly reliving the event building pride and statistical knowledge of the program:

1. By proximity to the corresponding event seating section (Sitting on it activates a sensor, activates video On a nearby screen); this can be reversed such that the Event on screen causes the seat to light up; as the display Cycles through events, the light activates along The corresponding seating moment

2. By mobile device scanning a code on the seating section. Calling up a database entry from online directly onto mobile device






University of Mississippi IPF Dining Addition Legacy Seating Details


University of Mississippi IPF Addition Floor Plan


ROLE: Concept Designer (Tipton Associates)
TEAM: Bryon Hume, Dustin Bonanno, Chris Washer, Henry David Louth, John Melancon