An abridged project listings:

Wall Sculpture,Permanent Installation,Tianjin,China,Jul-Oct,2017,
Primary School,Civic Architecture, Lushan,China,Jul – Dec,2017
Housing Redevelopment , Residential,New York,USA,Oct,2017
Modular Estate Housing ,Residential,London,UK,Oct,2017
Hotel,Hospitality,St.Jean Cap Ferrat, France,Aug-Sept,2017
CCF Interactive fabrics , product design,London,UK,Jan-May,2017
Thallus: White in the city sculpture for Milan Design Week,Temporary Installation,Milan,Italy,Jan,2017
CCF Furniture Collection ,product Design,London,UK,Jun-Aug,2017
21: Anniversary Graphics and Cover for Wallpaper Magazine,Graphic Design,London,UK,Aug,2017
ZHA Summer Intern Programme: Curve Crease Fold Furnishings,Product Design,London,UK,May-Aug,2017
Retail Feasibility,Retail,London,UK,May,2017
Co-living & Micro Mass Housing,Residential,London,UK,Jan-Feb,2017
CCF lluminated Display Object,Temporary Installation,London,UK,Aug,2017

Gallery for Mathematics and Computing,Renovation,London,UK,Jul-Dec,2014-2016,
CCF Special Edition Handbag,Product Design,London,UK,Mar,2016,,,
Volu: Prefabricated Pavilion Mark 1 for Miami Art Basel,Product Design,Miami,USA,Sept-Feb,2015-2016,
ZHA Retrospective in Palazzo Franchetti,Exhibition,Venice,Italy,April-May,2015-2016,
Maison Mais Non Incredible Process, exhibition,London,UK,Jun – Sep,2016,,,
Hotel Restaurant Pavilion permanent pavilion,Macau,China,Oct,2016,,,,
Facade Renovation,Hospitality,undisclosed,undisclosed,Jul,2016,,,
Museum of 20th Century Art Competition,Museum,Berlin,Germany,Sept,2016,,,
CCF Soft Series,Product Design,London,UK,Aug,2016,,,
CCF Flectofold Polytopals in Collaboration with ITKE,Temporary Installation, unrelised, unrealised, jun 2016

CCF Pleated Serivng Platters for Milan Design Week,Product Design,London,UK,Jan-Feb,2015,
Villa Le Lac Extension,Exhibition,Corseaux,Switzerland,Feb-Mar,2015,,,
Maison Domino Revisited, Temporary Installation, Lurealised , unrealised, Jan, 2015,

Retail Redevelopment,Mixed Use,London,UK,July,2014,,
Restaurant Renovtion ,London,UK,June,2014,,
CCF Furniture in Collaboration with Robofold,Product Design,London,UK,Feb-May,2014
Airport,Transportation,undisclosed, China,Aug-Oct,2014
Science Museum Maths Gallery Competition,Civic,London,UK,Jul,2014
CCF Fruit Bowls,Product Design,London,UK,Mar,2014

Swim Territories on the Thames, AADRL, London
Curve Crease Fold (CCF) Rocking Chair, AADRL, London

MDVIP Medical Clinic, Baton Rouge, LA
Campus Planning, University of Miami, FL
Athletic Addition, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS
Interior Renovation, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
Vol Hall Restaurant, University Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Addition, Murfreesboro, TN
Dining Renovation, Mercer University, Macon, GA
Interior Renovations (Multiple), University of Memphis, TN
Interior Renovation, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX
Presidential Court Renovations (Multiple), UT Knoxville, TN

Brownstones Mixed-Use Development, Baton Rouge, LA
Office Building, Baton Rouge, LA
Residence, Greenwell Springs, LA
Condominium Development, New Orleans, LA
Warehouse, Baton Rouge, LA
Pointe Coupee Primary School Systems Planning, New Roads, LA
Residence, Tepatitlan, Mexico

Washington Mutual Renovation & Additions (Multiple), FL
Pottery Barn Fit-outs (Multiple), CA