Project Listing – Complete (Contributor)

Collaborative Research Prototypes
Lapella, Carbon-fibre reinforced thin stone chair, 2018: ZHCODE, New Fundamentals Research Group, AKTII, Generelli Italy
Thallus, robotically printed plastic on robotic hotwire cut formwork, Salone Di Mobile, 2017: ZHCODE, AIBuild, Odico Robotic formworks
Volu, formed sheet metal skin on aluminium sub-structure, 2016: ZHCODE, One to One, UAP

Unicorn Island Masterplan, Concept Design. Chengdu, China, 2020. ZHA
Mixed Use District, Competition. Undisclosed. 2020. ZHA
Hong Kong University Science and Technology Student Housing ,SD,DD,CD. Hong Kong, China. 2018-2020 ZHA.
Big Ideas Small Lots . Competition, NYC, 2019 ZHA
Crisis Housing Proposal, London, UK 2019 ZHA
Hong Kong University Science and Technology Student Housing , Competition,. Hong Kong, China. 2018 ZHA
Disruption Days Towers, Expo, San Francisco. 2018 ZHA
Regents Court Modular Housing, Speculative Proposal. London, UK. 2018 ZHA
Hotel & Municipal Pier, Competition. Undisclosed. 2017 ZHA
Coliving & Pocketliving. London, UK 2017 ZHA
Facade Renovation | Competition | Undisclosed. 2016 ZHA
Whiteleys Residential Redevelopment | Competition | London, UK | 2014 ZHA
The Brownstones Development | Baton Rouge, LA CHENEVERT
Lighthouse Lakes Residence |Greenwell Springs, LA  MOUGEOT
Gutierrez Residence | Guadalajara, Mexico  MOUGEOT
Crescent Condominiums Proposal | New Orleans, LA MOUGEOT
New Orleans Housing Prototype | Competition | New Orleans, LA MOUGEOT

Murray Road, SD, Hong Kong, China 2020. ZHA
Bank, Undisclosed 2019, ZHA
MDVIP Medical Clinic  Baton Rouge, LA 2011-12. TIPTON

Sports & Leisure
Xi’an International Football Center, Concept Design Xian, China 2020. ZHA
Arena, Competition, Undisclosed. 2020. ZHA
Indoor Practice Facility Addition | University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS 2012. TIPTON

Metro Stations, Concept Design, Undisclosed. 2020. ZHA
Airport | Competition| Undisclosed. 2014 ZHA

Hangzhou Masterplan, Concept Design. Hangzhou, China. 2020. ZHA
Mahogany Bay Feasibility, Roatan, Honduras, 2019
Old Street Iconic Gateway Competition, London, UK 2018
Walkable London Initiative Proposal, London, UK 2017.

Lushan Primary School, Jiangxi, China 2018.
Pointe Coupee Parish School Board Facilities Feasibility | Pointe Coupee Parish LA, MOUGEOT

Museum of 20th Century Art | Competition | Berlin, Germany 2016 ZHA
Science Museum Maths Gallery | Renovation | London, UK |  2016. ZHA

Washington Mutual Bank | Renovation & Addition | Multiple Locations: Florida CALLISON
Pottery Barn Retailer | Tenant Fit-Out | Multiple Locations: California CALLISON

Capco Covent Garden Restaurant | Competition | London, UK |  2014
Hecht & Mahoney Dining Halls Additions | Competition |  University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL  TIPTON
Volunteer Hall Dining  |  University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN TIPTON
Lenoir Hall Dining  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC TIPTON
TigerDen |University of Memphis, Memphis, TN  TIPTON
McCallie Hall Addition | Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN TIPTON
Presidential Court Building Renovation | University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN TIPTON

City of Dreams Hotel, Pierre Herme Lobby Pavilion, Macau China 2016-17. ZHA

Experimental Geometry Furniture Collection, 2018 ZHA
Mathematics: The Winton gallery products, 2017. ZHA
Curve Crease Fold Tableware London, UK 2015 ZHA

Wallpaper magazine 21st birthday graphics/cover. 2017 ZHA