List of authored/co-authored publications

Published Research (Papers, Journals, Conference Proceedings)
2017 Workflows for Additive Manufacture
2016 Volu: A Prefabricated Pavilion using Kerf Cutting and Fabricate 2017 Proceedings
2015 Curve Crease Fold for Cast Compressive Skeletons, Proceedings for SimAUD 2015, DC, USA

Unpublished Research
2013 Swim Thames Tidal Foreshore redevelopment strategies
2013 Applications of Intersection: The Art of Engineering Contributed by Le Ricolais, AADRL, 2013.
2103 Imminence in Form, AADRL, 2012.
2007 The 3.8 Billion Year Experiment: Toward a Fourth Order Biomimesis, AADRL. 2013.

Published Media (non-academic)
2017. Global Design Laboratory, Taipei , China, Exhibition Catalogue
2017. Zaha in Italy, Maxxi Rome Italy Exhibition Catalogue
2016, Zaha Retrospective, Palazzo Franchetti, Venice Berengo, Exhibition Catalogue
2015. Homage a Le Corbusier, Extension to Villa Le Lac